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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A long time ago (either 1983 or 1985 according to various sources on the internet), I remember my mom taking my brother and I out to Dulles to watch the landing of the piggy-backed Space Shuttle Enterprise. I really don’t remember much about that day and I certainly didn’t understand the significance of the event we were witnessing.

Here we are almost 30 years later and once again, we had the opportunity to witness history in the making. I knew today was happing and even remembered to grab my camera this morning in hopes of seeing this historic event. Driving into work and seeing the unusually long back-up of people exiting heading to the airport made me wish that I had taken the morning off and headed to the airport to watch this historic event.

As my friend Sarah said, it’s pretty cool that the city stopped for a few moments to watch the shuttle, piggy-backed on a 747 make a low flying pass over Dulles and back into the city before returning to land at Dulles.

Working on the 16th floor in Reston and being able to see the tower at Dulles, I was hoping we’d be able to catch a glimpse and I gathered with my colleagues to catch a glimpse of the shuttle. It was an incredible site, but I like a lot of people felt a sadness as this chapter of our history is coming to an end. The dreams of so many of my classmates growing up included wanting to be an astronaut. Do kids today still dream of being astronauts and traveling into space?

Space Shuttle Discovery's First Pass over Dulles
Space Shuttle Discovery
Space Shuttle Discovery Piggybacking to Dulles

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