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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cisco and Riot with their ribbons

Yesterday Cisco, Riot and I made our return to the agility world with a Saturday appearance at the PVGRC agility trial.

The day started off with Riot running in Open FAST. My philosophy in FAST is get in, get what you need, and get out. I don’t try for maximum points, I just try to find a nice flowing path that incorporates the send bonus and gets us the points we need. Riot Q’d with 58 points in 17.something seconds and got 3rd place for his first OF leg.

Next came Exc A Standard for Riot. It wasn’t a great course, but for a dog that was acting like a kid in a candy store before we got into the ring, I think he held it together pretty well. I had to call him off the teeter (and my voice isn’t completely back from a few weeks ago, so it was more like screeching him off the teeter). I’m very happy with his dog walk. He stopped just like he was supposed to and I kept on running. I for some reason changed my plan after sending him into the blue tunnel and he missed the panel. Totally my fault. His weaves looked a little slow and it looks like something tripped him up part of the way through. Below is his standard run.

It was finally Cisco’s turn. It had been a long day of waiting in crates for Cisco and that’s something he usually doesn’t do good with so I was a little worried which dog I would bringing out to run. I can’t tell you how great it felt to be running Cisco. He’s my old dependable dog. He may not be the quickest, but he knows me and I know him and being out there running with him, I just knew he was going to know where to go. We finished clean and I looked at the time and saw 42.39 and my heart sunk. JWW courses are known for having course times between 38 and 43 or 44 seconds and I knew 42 was iffy. I probably could have pushed him a little harder, but it was a great run. I had to go get Riot for his run so I didn’t have a lot of time. I tried to figure out course time between runs and thought course time was probably 40 seconds. Oh well, we didn’t get that elusive last leg this weekend. It turns out course time was 42 seconds and since times are truncated, that meant he qualified! With 0 MACH points. This is his fourth MXJ leg with 0 MACH points. So with that Cisco earns his MXJ which was my ultimate goal for him. I knew he wasn’t fast enough for MACH to be in the realm of possibility and he was stressing too much in standard, so I stopped running standard with him after his AX. He’s now officially retired from running regular classes with a grand total of 31 MACH points. He’ll begin his preferred JWW career probably at the June PVGRC trial. His last regular run is below.

Finally, I ran Riot on the same course I ran Cisco. Running Riot is a whole different experience. We still don’t have that experience together and Riot doesn’t always read turns and sometimes he read turns too well. The video for his run got messed up, but he had a couple of really wide turns that really slowed him down. Overall I’m very happy with the little guy and he did run the course clean coming in 1st at 35 seconds.

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