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Saturday, March 26, 2011


I’ve been reading about baby led weaning and other various techniques and methodologies to introducing babies to food. One of the ideas with BLW is that the baby starts feed themselves sooner than with other methods. I’ve also read that giving them a spoon while you feed them helps them learn to self feed as well, but so far that idea has led to waiting until she removes her spoon from her mouth and her pulling slobbery bits of oatmeal out with her spoon leading to a bigger mess.

So I’m not necessarily completely on board with any one method, but the idea of Emily starting to explore different textures of food now instead of just getting used to the texture of the oatmeal and purees is very interesting to me since I have a lot of issues with textures of food. I’m getting better, but still.

So in an effort to offer her more variety, I decided to give her avocado. It’s very soft so I didn’t see it as a choking hazard and just because Chris and I don’t like it, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t offer it to Emily. Well I tolerate it in california rolls, but see above mentioned texture issue.

Em was not a fan of the avocado. We managed to make a huge mess with it, but she didn’t make the connect to put it in her mouth. She did nibble on a few pieces of it I held up for her, but she was not impressed. I tried mashing some up and putting it in a little of her oatmeal which is how all foods have been introduced to her and she still wasn’t having it. I added some apple baby food to see if I could sweeten it up for her, but she still was not a fan of her oatmeal-apple-guacomole.

We’ll probably try again tomorrow—wearing only a diaper as we made a huge mess today.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Way back in 2007 I attempted to take a picture of the moon. It didn’t turn out so well and since then I’ve wanted to try again, but never got around to reading up on how to better take pictures of the moon or had a clear night with a full moon and the time to go out and get a shot. With all the hype around last night’s supermoon, I decided to try the moon shot again. Not that I had time to really read up on shooting the moon, but I had read a couple of posts on message boards about shooting the moon and I’d like to think I better understand how my camera works than I did three and a half years ago.

This was my attempt back in 2007:
Moon attempt

And this was my attempt last night:
There is still a bit of green fringe at the top and red at the bottom of the moon which I need to figure out what caused that, but much better than my attempt from three years ago, don’t ya think?

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Weeks 2 - 26

Six months ago a little bundle of joy came into our lives and turned our world upside down. We had no idea what we got ourselves into. But six months later, everything is feeling pretty normal around here.

Emily is growing by leaps and bounds, our little 7 pound, 21 inch bundle of joy is now 18 pounds, 7.25 ounces and 27 inches long. She’s doing a great job of sitting up by herself. Is getting the hand of eating—oatmeal, green beans, and squash to date. Has yet to figure out how to roll over back to front, but is a pro at front to back. Love playing with and examining her toys and anything else she can get her hands on. And is all smiles—well, at least until early evening when she starts to get grumpy because, like her mom doesn’t want to nap and miss any of the action during the day.

We’re looking forward to see what’s in store for the next 6 months.

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