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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last year I ordered a book from Blurb and reviewed it here. I decided I'd do another book for 2008. This time I worked on it throughout the year.

The 2008 book is a compilation of all the pictures that Chris and I took, plus blog posts, and posts from tumblr. I got a little more adventurous and did some of the layouts myself instead of using the layouts provided by blurb. In most cases though, I still used Blurb's layouts.

I chose a 7x7 book because I like square things. I picked an Image-wrapped hardcover book -- an option that wasn't available last year, and upgraded to premium paper (another option that wasn't available last year). The cost of my 154 page book was $47.95. I uploaded the book on January 11th to the Blurb website and was given an estimated ship date of January 19th. On January 20th, I got an email apologizing for the delay in shipment due to some issues putting the book together and a code for $10 off a future order. My book shipped the 22nd and I had it the 23rd (I only paid for standard shipping).


I was stumped on a cover when I saw Lee's poster. Using a piece of software called Posterino, I made the cover (not quite as nice as Lee's).


The paper upgrade was well worth it. The pages are thicker and the paper as a bit more of a satiny texture. The only main complaint I have about the book is the bleeds did not go all the way into the spine of the book leaveing a bit of white showing in the middle of photos that spread across pages or pages with non-white backgrounds (as seen in the images below).


Overall, I'm very happy with the book and am planning on ordering another one next year. I really like the size of the 7x7 book. I think the price is very reasonable and until I have time to scrapbook again, this is a really good alternative. The photos are of decent quality -- even the ones taken with my iPhone.

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Well it's 2009 already and this blog is still here. A little dusty perhaps but still here. I still haven't changed it like I was planning on, but let's face it, it may be 2010 before I get around to it.

Berkley chasing Riot - Photo by

We've had a busy fall raising a Riot and trying to keep Cisco and Berkley healthy. Riot is for the most part well-behaved these days and Cisco and Berkley seem to being doing pretty well too.

We had pictures of the dogs taken to mark Cisco's 7th birthday and Riot turning 6 months. They were taken by Stephen Bobb of FidoJournalism and we think they turned out fantastic! (The picture in this post is one of the ones he took.)

Chris and I are both starting the year with the same companies we started last year with (this might be the first time in a long time we can say that). I'm not sure we can say we'll be ending the year the same way, but time will tell.

I could end this post saying I resolve to start blogging more, but lets play that one by ear.

Wishing everyone the best for 2009!

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