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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I finally ordered Moo Cards. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all of them, but they were too cool not to get. I'll probably stash some in my agility bag and a few other places to give out when people ask for my contact info. It's happened a few times at trials where we've had either a pen and no paper or paper and no pen.


The Moo people are now doing sticker books. Now I need to come up with some cool ideas for stickers and get some of them too.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
What is it you ask? CircaVie is an exciting new way to recored a series of events. It allows you to attach photos and videos associated with these events creating a visual allowing for easy navigation through time.

I'm actually blogging about something I worked on! Over the last month or so, I joined a very small team of developers working on an exciting new product circaVie.

What is it you ask? CircaVie is an exciting new way to recored a series of events. It allows you to attach photos and videos associated with these events creating a visual that allows for easy navigation through time.

There are so many things you could add to a timeline on circaVie. One of my very talented colleagues has a collection of all the portraiture work he has done. You could document a vacation, a baby's first year, your entire life, the possibilities are endless.

My first timeline is naturally about my dogs and is displayed below. (That's another cool thing about it. We provide the code so you can easily embed your time line on your blog, MySpace page, or other online profile.)

Check out the link to the slide show in Maine Vacation (August 2006) and the video in TAG's fall trial (October 2005).

CircaVie uses the same signon mechanisms as Ficlets where you can either sign-in with your AOL/AIM screenname or you can sign-in with Open ID. I joined the project late in development but helped with the implementations of comments and a few UI clean-up items. This was a fun little project to be a part of and I had the opportunity to dip my toes in the Ruby on Rails pond. Of course, this is a beta product and any and all feedback is welcome and encouraged.

So what are you waiting for? Go create your timeline today!

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm changing blogging platforms again. I'm now running the beta version of Movable Type 4.

I found a lot of good documentation online for installing Movable Type on Dreamhost. In particular, I used:

Since I've now installed the beta for Movable Type 4 twice, I've used both these posts and was able to install the software effortlessly.

The next part was trying to get all of my old blog entries moved from the old WordPress Blog to the new Movable Type Instance. This was a bit trickier. There are ton of articles on how to go from Movable Type to WordPress, but not so many going the other direction.

I found an entry on Code Monkey Ramblings on Moving from WordPress to Movable Type part I which worked flawlessly. Fortunately I didn't need the recovery instructions.

To expand on how to get the old entries into the new MT4 installation, here is what I did:

  1. I followed the Code Monkey Ramblings instructions down through putting the save file into the import directory.
  2. I selected Tools from the footer navigation in the movable type control panel.
  3. I then clicked on the Import link from the left column.
  4. Under importing from, I selected Another System (Movable Type Format).
  5. I left all other options alone and clicked Import Entries.
  6. The importer worked it's magic and everything was imported sucessfully.

The one issue I ran into was that the archives were not working properly (the pages did not exist when clicked on). I solved that by republishing all the entries even though the system said they had been published. Under Manage -> Entries You can publish entries 20 at a time.

The entire process took me maybe an hour.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

You may have heard Digg founder Kevin Rose has a new thing called Pownce. It's another "micro-blogging" service like Twitter or Jaiku.

First impressions, I still like Twitter better. Yes, I can be somewhat resistant to change, but despite Twitter's issues, I still prefer it. Of course everyone is trying out Pownce and none of these things are much fun without your friends.

I can see how Pownce will appeal to more of the masses. It is a little less geeky and a bit more polished. It's got some neat features -- like choosing whether messages are sent just to your friends or the public; being able to group your friends; and sending links, files and events.

Pownce doesn't have a mobile component. This is one of the things that sold me on twitter -- the ability to update or receive updates on a mobile device away from the computer. With twitter the updates come to me, I don't have to remember to go check a website. At this time, there are no feeds from Pownce. I'm sure it won't be long before Pownce mash-ups start appearing.

For now, I'll continue updating Twitter and playing on Pownce. If you feel like checking out any of these services, I can be found as kgiff on all three.

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A Good Weekend

Our weekend started Friday morning after a conference call with the guys in Dublin about my latest project for work. Gotta love summer flex hours. Cisco and I headed out to Winchester to the Blue Ridge Dog Training Club's agility trial. Cisco had two great runs including getting second place in Open Standard. This is his first standard leg in almost 2 years. We took a large part of last year off to deal with teeter issues, but still that's a long time.

Saturday Berkley joined us in trekking back out to Winchester for day 2 of the trial. Cisco had two decent runs. Our standard run was screwed up after I became frazzled after almost tripping over the chute. Berkley had one run and he did outstanding. He kept all his bars up, got a perfect score and took second place for his 2nd novice standard preferred leg. (Not bad for the guy that usually gets left at home.)

Sunday the fun continued. Cisco had two more good runs. Not quite qualifying runs, but I can't complain either. Berkley continued his winning streak getting his 3rd and finals novice std. leg for his NAP title! I guess I really need to start taking him more often.

This is the first year we've done the Blue Ridge trial. It's a one ring trial so the day is a bit longer than a two ring trial, but it was a lot of fun.

***Updated: Turns out Berkley didn't get his 3rd leg on Sunday. I thought he had knocked over part of the broad jump, and I guess I was right. Upon closer inspection, they made us two ribbons for Saturday's run.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Last night I dragged Chris out to the ballpark with my mom, dad, my cousin Sue and her husband Mike. (Sue and Mike were down from Cleveland visiting my parents.) We saw the Hagerstown Suns take on the Lakewood BlueClaws in single A ball. It was a beautiful night for a ball game -- the humidity was low, there was a light breeze and most importantly no bugs!

Chris had never been to a minor league game. Last night's game was a good game with the BlueClaws leading by one run through most of it until the Suns rallied in the bottom of the 7th.

The Wave IMG_0046.jpg
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