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Sunday, May 20, 2007
Birthday Dinner

Earlier this month I had yet another birthday. Yup, that must mean I'm older. A few friends were able to join me to celebrate the day before at Lebanese Taverna. Chris got me one of the lenses I had sitting on my wish list (there are a few). It's a macro lens. I've been having fun playing with close up shots.

Pink close up

I also changed jobs this month. I know you're thinking "again?" I didn't go far this time. I'm now working for the development team that I've been supporting since I joined AOL back in October. My boss changed, the location of my desk changed, but other than that I'm still working with most of the same people and doing basically the same thing (fixing bugs for now). Does this make me wiser? Probably not. But I am fortunate to be working with some very talented and very smart people. One can always hope some of that smartness might rub off on me.

Keeping Watch

Now what about this more mature? Yeah, that ain't happening.

And for the other random updates: Cisco's first trial of the year resulted in on Q. We'll be doing a few more in June and July. Hopefully we can get some more Q's and maybe a title or two this year.

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