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Friday, April 28, 2006

Last night my cousin Chris and her husband JR came to our house for dinner. They had been in DC all week doing the tourist thing (I never did ask where all they went) and drove out to Leesburg to have dinner with us and my parents. It was great seeing them and spending some time with them.

And then my cousin Sue (who is Chris' sister) sent this e-mail yesterday about her upcoming graduation:

I am asking all of you to say a little prayer that my course substitutions work out and that I make it through one Fall 2006 course in portfolio preparation for which I will have to drive to the Eastern campus.... because I have submitted my Petition to Graduate TODAY 4/27/06 which means I will be graduating after the Fall 2006 semester! (Provided all of the schools records check out that is!)

Sue, I'm sure it'll all work out! Yay! I'm so happy for you!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Due to the unsual circumstance this morning (having to do with the vast quanity of food consumed by the dogs yesterday afternoon), I was a bit later than usual heading to work this morning (ok, so it was 90 minutes later than usual).

On top of running late, I get out to the car and realize I'm probably not going to make it to work with out filling up. I pull up to the pump shortly after this lady in a Buick Regal. She's getting out at the same time as me and proceeds to tell me how cute my car is.

Now I love my car, but cute? Ok maybe a little.

Six months later and I still can't remember I need to unlock the little door to the gas tank. So back around my car to unlock the door all the time thinking about the compliment I just got on my car. Back around to unscrew the cap and Buick Lady says it's almost like my car is diesal, it's got a soft purr to it. Awe. I actually really do love the sound of my car. At first I thought it was a bit loud, but it's grown on me and it's got a good sound to it.

By this time I'm checking out the kind of car Buick lady is driving 'cause she really doesn't look like she'd be into cars. I've finally started to get gas and I look up and see buick lady who is pulling out some cards and standing across from me. All I see in big gold letters is "The Book of Mormon" and it looks like she's going to talk to me again. Now may be a good time to put my credit card back in my wallet which is in my car.

While I'm putting my credit card back in my wallet Buick Lady finishes pumping. My pump shuts off and I go back around, put the nozzle away, screw on my gas cap, and get my receipt. As I'm starting to walk back around my car, Buick Lady who has been sitting partially in her car for a minute or so holding some cards or paper asks me if I'm interested in family history. I tell her no. And then I tell her to have a nice day.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

David Weiss: A Tour of Microsoft's Mac Lab

Mac's at Microsoft. I thought my father, father-in-law and husband might find this interested. And since I'm too tired to to compose an e-mail, I'm putting it here.

Good night.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Chris found this awesome program Delicious Monster that with use of a video camera reads the barcode on the back of the movie, game, whatever searches a database and adds it to your library with title, descritpion, picture, etc. It took us about an hour to scan in his entire library, I don't want to know how long it would have taken to enter all that by typing it in. It was worth the $40.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

We needed someplace to store all of Chris' DVDs (other than the basement). My requirement was it looked good. Chris picked this out of the Home Decorators catalog after he didn't like what I initially suggested.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

54% seems to be the maximum amount my laptop battery will charge to.

54% is the point the charging light turns green.

54% is 3 out of 4 lights on the battery.

54% doesn't allow for acceptable time away from an outlet.

Think it might be time for a new battery.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Berkley-Brio (Santera Always Brio v. Crest, CGC) turned 4 on the 13th. Happy Birthday Squiggles!

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That's what Chris said when I took the cake out of the oven on Easter morning. Whoops.

We need to back up the story a bit. First of all, I'm not known for my cooking skills. I'm much better known for my cooking mistakes. Anyone who can burn pasta probably shouldn't be baking a cake.

Like the cake to the left. This was probably my last attempt at a cake. This was Chris' birthday 5 or 6 years ago. I had remembered that he said he liked his mom's pistachio nut cake and had gotten the recipe from her specifically to make for his birthday. As you can see, it's not exactly what he had expected. When he saw it, he was laughing so hard he was crying. Not one of my finer moments.

Fast forward to this past Saturday. We were doing our grocery shopping for Sunday's Easter dinner and had yet to decide on a dessert. The prepared deserts left a lot to be desired so our only option was cake. I told Chris that I'd rather make a cake than buy one. The look he gave me was priceless. He reluctantly said okay. I asked him if he was convinced we weren't going to have dessert. He said yes.

So I get up Sunday morning and mix the batter and put the cake in the over. All is going well until I check on it about 10 minutes before it's to come out of the over. Uh oh. Uh oh. What asks Chris. Well the cake has risen into the rack above it. Whoops. Despite that, everything turned out ok. The cake was actually quite yummy (probably could have cooked it a couple of minutes less. And in case it didn't work, the back-up plan was molten chocolate cakes from Let's Dish

And the cake? The recipe is going in the rotation when I need a dessert to bring to a function/event/party/whatever.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

I really need to get an eraser that produces less crumbs.

When I do development, everything gets written out on paper ahead of time. Yeah, I know we all laughed and said yeah right when our CS professors used to make us write things out before starting to code. I was one of those people too. But now that I'm out in the real world, not only are my project plans hand written, but they're written in a narrative form.

That's what I'm doing now and my desk has an ever growing pile of eraser crumbs forming. The thing about the crumbs is they aren't all that easy to get rid of.

I'm also using the same brand mechanical pencil that I've used since high school. I think I may have had this particular pencil since high school. Gotta love the Zebra pencils.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

It's definately been a two post morning.

So I come downstairs to see the guy I'm supposed to call anytime after 6 sitting outside our house. (I had every intention of calling him first thing this morning, but with the hurry up and take me out trips, it slipped my mind.) I IM Chris to tell him that this guy is "stalking" me. Of course joking, but probably not the right words to use when Chris saw someone on our street being taken out to a police car in handcuffs this morning. I made sure Chris was ok with the repairs that had been made right as the guy rang our doorbell. Signed the papers and off to work.

So the guy that Chris saw in handcuffs 90 minutes or so prior to my departure... Well as I drove by the police were still present at the scene. And it looked like the crime scene was at work on a vehicle. I wonder what he did.

And on an entirely different note, why didn't anyone tell me there was a Coach outlet opening up at the Leesburg Outlets?!?!?

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I awoke this morning at 4 am to heavy panting and lots of pacing. Yup, it was Berkley. Yup, it was about the same time Cisco started his I have to go out dance on Monday. But unlike Cisco who we know will hold it, with Berkley, if he's a dancin' you better be a movin.' At least it's not freezing outside anymore.

So Berkley might be getting what Cisco had. I thought he was based on his performance in agility on Wednesday night. But then yesterday he seemed okay, so I thought maybe we were in the clear. Maybe not. Well, for Chris' sake, let's hope he's not getting sick.

In other news, I left Cisco's agility class early yesterday too. We had a less than spectacular first run. I know bad runs are par for the course with Cisco, but something just was way off yesterday. The whole situation was just more frustration that I wanted to deal with. We got nothing constructive out of it and well, if I wasn't getting anything out of other than frustration, it's not going to do me any good to stay.

Enough about the dogs, this weekend we're hosting dinner at our house on Sunday. Mom and Dad brought over the ham yesterday when they came over to wait for furniture to be delivered. Speaking of furniture, it came unassembled. It only took practically the whole evening to assemble. I'll post pics eventually.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It must suck to be a golden retriever and be sick. Not only do you not feel well, but you just can't stop being happy. Cisco is sick. Sick enough we took 'em to the vet last night. Sick enough to throw-up in my car right as we were pulling in the driveway. Not sick enough to not dance around and ask for dinner. Dinner? Ha! Yeah right like I'm going to give you any food now.

He's also been fairly lethargic the last probably two weeks. But that hasn't stopped him from wanting an occasional game of fetch, doing laps around the back yard. Or even running an agility course or two.

So we're hoping some chicken and rice will help things out and the lethargy isn't a pre-cursor to what was going on last year.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

For some reason it's been a LONG week. Maybe it's that most of last weekend was spent at the Super Pet Expo. Maybe it's the time change and I haven't fully adjusted. Who knows.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Sleeping in (well only a little since I have a 9:30 meeting tomorrow), spending some time working on the projects I want to work on, I'm supposed to see my friend Kelly (guess I should probably e-mail her and figure out a time), and maybe I can find time for a nap on Sunday....

Tonight Cisco and Berkley have their first private agility lesson. I've never done this so I don't know what to expect. I'm hoping to get some ideas for what exactly we should be working on at home. Now that the time change has happened, it's light when I get home and I have time to work them out in the yard. I'm just at a loss for what to do with them.

Have I mentioned my obsession with Flat Coats? Dawn and Eagle are in Berkley's class. She just had a litter of puppies about 2 weeks ago.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Here's a brief re-cap of my weekend at the super pet expo:
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Saturday, April 01, 2006
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