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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cisco and I spent Saturday at the Mid-Atlantic MADness USDAA trial with Kathy and Clint. He was somewhat of a wild child all day, missing contacts, running a little crazy. But we did manage to get a 4th place ribbon in the Standard Course (we missed qualifying by blowing the contacts) and a Qualifying ribbon in Starters Pairs (yay our first Q in USDAA).

We spent Sunday and Monday at the Golden Retriever National Speciality Agility Trial. Sunday started with a beautiful Jumpers run (as I was told by many people), only for me to send him into the wrong end of the tunnel! I sent him, and as I soon as I did, I questioned it, looked at the numbers, and knew I had just blown his first open jww leg! Doh!

Well, that set the theme for the weekend. He blew his dog walk contact and took a jump out of order in standard Sunday afternoon. Monday I'm not sure what happened on our jumpers run, but it was bad. And our Standard run Monday afternoon including popping out at pole 10 and blowing the a-frame contact. Other than that, it was a good run. These were our first Open level standard runs and overall I was pretty impressed with our performance.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yup, that's right. They're replacing our front door with a brand new one. Yay!

The guy also said that he called the manager of the paint contractor and told him he didn't want those two guys back on his jobsite again.

Now the yet to be resolved issues of:

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Yeah, they never came back to put the hardware on. And while Chris was putting in on, we noticed they sanded the finish off of both pieces. I'm not happy.
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I don't know, but if I ever find out I'll let you know.

So there were a couple of spots on our beautiful dark cherry color door that needed to be "touched up." It was on our warranty to do list.

Last Monday I stayed home so all of this warranty work could be done, along with the closet install, and the gas line install. Well the builder had moved offices and in the process they managed to not get the contractors scheduled to come out on Monday like they were supposed to.

So Chris takes off Friday. They come, they spend ALL day sanding down the entire front of our door and re-staining it. Chris gets a call from the supervisor saying that he didn't like the way the door was done and would personally come out and do it again. So it was scheduled for today and I had to take today off while they again sanded down the door. They asked when they got here if both sides needed to be done. I said no, only the front -- that's all that was done last time. Well they started sanding the back, after a half an hour of getting the I guess important people down here, it was explained to me that they had to sand both sides because you can't always get stain to match exactly. I specifically asked if it was going to be the dark color on the back of the door and not the awful color that landed on the front of our door and he assured me that yes, it would be the dark cherry color. I also pointed out the stain finger prints on the walls in our dining room, which he then pointed out to the workers and they said ok, they'd take care of it.

Now we have a door that is the awful reddish oak bleck color on both sides. We've lost two days of vacation to this. and I have stain on the walls in our dining room AND on the white trim outside the house. Not to mention the stain they got all over our hardware the first time and weren't planning on taking off this time until they were told to by the warranty manger. (Which BTW, we currently have no hardware on the door so I'm stuck downstairs instead of upstairs trying to get my closet back in order.)

I cornered a guy from the builder and pointed it out and he agreed that it looked worse than it had before and the job was completely unacceptable. But the supervisor is in a meeting all afternoon, so we won't hear what's happening next until tomorrow. But he is supposed to come back and put the hardware back on for me.

Our front door when we first moved in:

Our now been sanded down to bare wood twice hideously colored front door:

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Well Cisco finally got his Novice Agility title. It only took a year after we got the first leg to get the other two. A year that was full of teeter problems. No clue why, but he just started doing it again.

He had two perfect runs. They were beautiful. Both were around 47.5 seconds with course times of 74 sec. No faults on either course. It was great! We came home with two first places and two new toys. Now our open jumpers runs were something else. Yesterday he started off all pokey (it was the first run of the weekend), but then it's like he realized what he was doing and took off. I wasn't prepared for that. Todays' jumpers run we were stuck at the starting line while the fixed some problems with the timing equipment. By the time they were ready for us to run. He was a little on the wild side. Oh well we'll blame the delay for his wild run. I had quite a few people come up and tell me not to do anything to squash that drive. He may be a little on the wild side, but he sure does have a lot of fun out there. He's now: GS Dakotas Secret Mission NA, NAJ, CGC

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yesterday I stayed home for the plumber to come and install a gas line out to the grill, california closets to come and install my new closet and for the builder to come and do warrenty repairs. The builder moved and in the process never scheduled the subcontractors to come out to do the work. So now Chris has to take off Friday to get the rest of the work taken care of. The gas line is installed. The plumber is scheduling the inspection for Friday too. And my closet looks great. (Before and After pictures coming once everything gets put back in.)

Saturday we patched the walls in my closet from the old stuff and painted the walls coffee in preparation for yesterday. Here is my totally empty closet:

So here are some of the things I learned on my day off: * Some people are very afraid of big dogs * We have no place on our main level to coral a puppy hmmm * We need to vaccuum out beneath the fire place (where the pilot light is lit) on occasion. Dog hair likes to collect there and there was a pretty serious fire around here that started with the hair in there. * I can be a lot more productive working from home * Keeping two dogs in your office with you all day is not a lot of fun. * Reheat fajita components separately, then combine.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Poor Cisco has another ear infection and hates having medicine put in it. And not only that he's now got a hot spot from scratching at his ear. Today he ran all over and decided between the couch, the wall, the coffee table, and the tree there was no way I could get to him. Of course he did put the bad ear to the wall. We had to go get him an e-collar as his hot spot doubled in size while we were at work today.

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Not quite done. We need to add some pics. The cushion for the bench is back-ordered until October and I'm sure there will soon be jackets hanging on the hooks. Chris loved the green walls and red set shown in the Pottery Barn catalog so that's what we ended up with. After some touch-ups, I'm a lot happier with the paint than I was on Saturday and Sunday. It's saybrook sage (HC-114). Here are the before and after pics:

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

This is the first time painting with Benjamin Moore paint. We got the washable, scrubbable, stain resistant matte paint for the mud room (between the dog slobber and the muddy paw prints, we thought it sounded like a good idea). Well, the further down in the can we got the darker the color got. The paint was mixed the day I used it. Never had this problem with any other brand I've used and this paint was expensive! Hopefully a second coat will fix the problem. Hopefully we have enough paint for a second coat. But so far, I'm not impressed. I liked how thick that paint was, but not liking this color variation we've got going on.

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Saturday, September 03, 2005
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