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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wow, no updates in over a week!

Nothing exciting going on here. Just work, work and more work.

Cisco has decided since we've gotten back from Maine, he doesn't like to be left more than once a day. He's great when we go to work. If we leave him in the evening, he finds something to tear up. It's not like he goes crazy, but just has to do something to let you know he's not happy. This has been every time we've gone out in the evening since we got back from Maine. I'm not even sure what to do about it.

Off to work...

Oh the pictures you're seeing the the Flickr stream are from our cruise last December. I finally put them up. They still need captions, titles, and I think Flickr even mixed pictures from different days when uploading. Next time I'll upload each day individually.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006
August 19 & 20, 2006 Ribbons

Cisco had a busy weekend. He ran 8 agility courses and received 6 ribbons. He could have had one more, but he was too slow. A couple of times he placed but did qualify, it was again because he was too slow, or he ran around like a wild man and wasted too much time. The good news is every time he went wild, he did come back to me when called eventually and much quicker than he used to. He's getting better. Now we just need to speed up the weave poles, and sometimes the dog walk. We may get out of Starters yet.

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And hopefully fewer today.Yesterday was the longest time we've ever been at an agility trial. We probably have been away from home for 13 or more hours, but being at the actual trial this is a first. It was a LONG day. Good thing the trial site is 15-20 minutes away.

So I'm sitting here watching the news thinking I have plenty of time before I need to be there (actually I'm planning on leaving at 6:30 and I still need to pack (hopefully I'll forget less than I did yesterday), have breakfast, and take the dogs out).

Cisco did okay yesterday. He missed getting Qs in a couple of runs because he was slow. I think we had the world's slowest dog walk in an otherwise great run. And the rest of the day, we were practicing the worlds slowest weave with a stop half way through the weaves to stop and visit a worker.

In our Gambler's run I had to the most control of him I've had in that class and accumulated enough points to qualify (first time that's happened, but we missed the closing sequence). It's my fault I told him tunnel and that's what he did, I just didn't specify or support which end of the tunnel he was supposed to take.

Gotta run! Hopefully today will be shorter!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

The rest of the days pretty much went like this. Wake up. Feed the dogs. Have an hour before the pestering begins. Usually put up with the pesterig until lunch. Take Cisco swimming after lunch. Go swimming with Cisco. Yell at Berkley to stop eating Maine. Bring soggy doggy up from the lake. Spend evening relaxing either reading or playing computer games.

The exception to the above was on Wednesday when we took a duck tour around portland. It was in one of those funky vehicles that works on both land and in the water. That was pretty cool.

Here are a few pics from the remainder of the trip. The last night we were in Maine the guy next door set off some fireworks. They were pretty impressive.

Dusk Upon Us King of the Boat Golden Moon Sunset on Sebago IMG_1232.JPG DSC00226.JPG

More of the pictures we took can be found here.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

I think we might have done the same thing yesterday. Cisco begs to go swimming. We spend an hour throwing the flying squirrel. We come back. Cisco dries off. Cisco begs to go swimming. We spend an hour throwing a flying squirrel.

Only differece, we went swimming today too.

IMG_0958.JPG IMG_0963.JPG IMG_0962.JPG IMG_0995.JPG IMG_1058.JPG Shake!
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Another Beautiful Day Wind Blowing Through Our Fur
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Friday, August 04, 2006

The sun came out and Cisco got to go swimming. Berkley gets very close to the end of the dock. One of these days he may end up going in. It would be so nice if he would figure out swimming isn't all that bad. Until then, one goes in and one wait on the dock for the other to bring it back.

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When we arrived on Wednesday it was HOT. It was in the 90s and the no AC had us spending a lot of time in the water. Yesterday it was considerably cooler (we're talking 70) and Cisco was the only one to go swimming. Today, it's raining and Cisco is the one complaining the loudest about getting wet. Oh the irony. We may go somewhere today, maybe up to Auburn and to Freeport. We'll see when Chris gets up. It's supposed to rain all day. Hopefully this will be the last rainy day.

I posted just a few photos to flickr yesterday (they can be seen in the thumbnails to the right). And here's some video from yesterday. (At least I'm gonna try and post it.) Cisco is going, going, gone:

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Share Photos - Free Video Hosting

Oh, the video was taken with my new camera. A couple of people have asked me about it. It's the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T30. It's the first non-Canon I've had since the Apple Quicktake 150 and I'm totally loving the size. I haven't taken all that many pictures with it yet, so the verdict is still out, but so far, so good.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Are We There Yet?

We arrived in Maine after two days of driving. Just under 6 hours Tuesday night after work and about 5 on Wednesday. We arrived shortly after 1 and Cisco was in the lake before the car was unpacked.

The trip wasn't that bad. I did all of the driving on Tuesday and Chris drove the last 100 miles on Wednesday. We didn't really hit much traffic. And the dogs seemed to survive the trip just fine. A little less time in the car would have been fine with them.

Yesterday was fairly warm, so we all spent the afternoon in the lake. Berkley would wade in but won't swim. Cisco, you can't keep him out of the water.

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Monday, July 31, 2006

The hounds went home yesterday. I think they knew they were going home. Hunter sat by the door most of the day. Jade would join him on occasion. They hadn't sat there for most of their visit.

There are a few extra tumble weeds to pick up. Other than more hair, having the four wasn't all that bad.


Next up Cisco and Berkley are looking forward to spending some time in Maine. Well, they would be if they understood what we were saying.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yesterday I was looking at DCSportsChick's blog and she mentioned it was her one year blogging anniversary/birthday. (Happy Bloggiversary DCSC!) It dawned on me that I had started doing this about a year ago too. And while DCSC managed to mention her one year of blogging on the actual date, mine is coming 5 days late.

In honor of one year, here's a few lists I've compiled about this blog:

10 random things about blogging

  1. I'm still not a good writer. Probably never will be.
  2. From DCSC (she's getting a lot of shout outs from me today):

    On a side note, did anyone read the article about bloggers? I wonder if this dude even knows what a blog IS.

    "The average blogger is a 14-year-old girl writing about her cat," said Alexander Halavais, an assistant professor of interactive communications at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

    No, stupid, that's a MySpace page. Did this guy do any research or read any blogs besides his daughter's? Way to go!

    Hmmm double the age, add a little, and substitute dogs for cat and that could be me
  3. I'm not obsessed with my blog. I've read a lot of people's blogs where they've had to "take a break" from blogging because they had become obsessed with it. Every once in a while I think oh I haven't updated my blog in a while, but I don't do anything about it unless I have something to say. Sorry loyal followers, I may go weeks without an update.
  4. I've changed the look of this blog three times. First it was some standard template, then it was the blue thing (yeah, not sure where I was going with that), and the eyes have been around since January. Time for an update?
  5. This blog has moved addresses once. It used to be at (which is not a link because now it redirects you to some article on car insurance -- who knew people were cyber-squatting on blog URLs).
  6. I recently removed the blogger toolbar from the top of this blog (did anyone notice?)
  7. Not everyone updates their blog regularly which is fine. Some people seem to forget they have blogs (hint, hint to some of my friends with blogs).
  8. I have 3 other blogs besides this one. None of them are as interesting or updated as often as this one (and this one isn't all that entertaining). No I'm not going to share the URLs with you.
  9. There is a fine line between sharing your life with family and friends and having too much personal information on the internet.
  10. I LOVE comments! I never get enough comments. I'm like a little kid on Christmas when I see an increase in the number of comments. I know people are looking as some days I have almost 30 people or more look at this blog (and they can't all be me checking for comments, can they?)

10 Highlights from this past year

  1. Our Patio! It was the whole reason this blog was started. We still love the patio, it needs to get used more than it does.
  2. Three weddings and a funeral. This year we witnessed the union of three wonderful couples and mourned the loss of one great man.
  3. Our first cruise. Yeah, we're hooked. We can't wait to go again.
  4. My new car. There is only a rare occasion where we miss the space of the SUV. Having to make two trips to the nursery to get the plants and supplies we bought, or our upcoming trip to Maine, or hauling things that are dirty. The XC90 was a tad more comfortable for long rides and there was a bit more space. But even for agility trials, I kinda miss it, but not really
  5. Agility updates! Cisco got two novice titles and we brought home ribbons from both dogs.
  6. We shared some of the agony of buying a new home.
  7. Some steps were taken in moving forward with Ekota Design.
  8. I shared my "she's no Martha Stewart" baking skills.
  9. Our trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. I will freely admit the only reason this made the list is because I'm an attnetion whore and wanted to call attention to the pictures I took again. And incase you haven't seen enough, all 146 pictures can be seen on Flickr.
  10. I began the 12 week challenge.

10 things I hope to blog about next year

  1. More home improvement projects. We've been in our house for over a year now and most of the walls are still white and most of our pictures are still on the floor in the living room.
  2. Going to a National's Game. We're coming down the home stretch of the second season there has been baseball in DC and I've yet to go to game. Maybe it's some sort of silent protest that the stadium isn't being built in Northern Virginia. Nah.
  3. Cisco competing in Excellent. First he has to get his two Open titles of which we have one leg towards our jumpers title. And let's not forget about Berkley getting a title.
  4. Visiting Washington, DC. We live so close to DC and we've yet to go to the Spy Museum, the american indian museum, the WWII Memorial, etc.
  5. An Alaskan Cruise. hint, hint
  6. More successes and progress of Ekota Design.
  7. The birth of my friend Kathy's baby girl (coming up soon).
  8. A mini trip. I'd love to get away for a long weekend. There is some talk of skiing over new years, but if that falls through, we have to plan a short getaway.
  9. More weddings!
  10. Me doing a 5K. Yup, you read that right. Me of all people doing a 5K. Notice I didn't say running. Ideally I'd like to run, but I'll be happy just having the courage to sign up for and making it through a 5K.
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Uncle Al

On July 12th we said goodbye to my Uncle Al. Chris and I drove up Tuesday night for the Wednesday funeral. What we missed at the wake on Tuesday night was the out pouring of love and support of people who knew my Uncle and his family. Mom said that between 400 and 500 people stopped by the funeral home.

The next day, there were about 300 people present at the Mass and the longest funeral procession I've ever seen to the cemetery. My aunt picked out a spot near a tree that reminded us all of the tree that was in their front yard.

My uncle was not only my uncle, but he was also my godfather. I have so many fond memories of the time spent at their house. Either watching TV while my uncle took a nap, playing outside in his well manicured lawn, watching him pick vegetables from the garden, or spending time with him downstairs in his workshop, sometimes I even got to help some.

Uncle Al, you will be missed by lots of people.

My dad has a tribute to Al on the family website. His words are much better than mine. UPDATE: so it's not lost, I've added dad's tribute to this blog.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

They're all sitting. I was highly amused yesterday when I got them all to sit. Now sitting and having them all look cute for the camera wasn't as easy.

I'm on hold with Cingular. Trying to get $28.83 credited back to my account from when I transferred from them back in November or so. I should be heading to work oh 20 minutes ago or so. I've tried calling Cingular on multiple other occasions, but they always ended up eventually sending me to some department that was closed at the time. So needless to say, I don't want to hang up now. I've only been on the phone for 40 minutes.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Since this past Friday we've been taking care of our friends' two dogs. That's right, we've got FOUR dogs running around.

Within the first few minutes Chris was like four dogs is WAY too many. All four were running around trying to check each other out. Since then things have calmed down considerably. It takes a little longer to feed four and to take four out and make sure four have done their business, but for the most part all four just lay around.


Chris laughs at me as I call "ciscoberkleyhunterjade" when it's time to go out, or get fed, or go to bed. Cisco and Jade are our barkers. They bark at just about everything, sometimes the other two start, but not always. Hunter is the whiner of the bunch, he whines. A lot. According to Chris he whines a lot more when I'm not around. Last night when I took Cisco to agility, Chris said Hunter whined a lot.


Berkley, Hunter, and Jade are all part of the Crate Brigade and crated in our living room. Cisco has free run of the house, but usually that involves getting him out of someone's house to put them in. I think Cisco would love a crate of his own. I tell him when I leave for work to keep them all in line.

We have Hunter and Jade through July 30th. Then we'll be back down to two.

BTW, these pictures were taken with my new camera. Not bad, huh?

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