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Monday, September 03, 2007

Summer is over. It's back to snarrled traffic tomorrow. But yay for a short week. We had a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend. This weekend and last have been pretty low key, which has been nice after the craziness of most of August. I got a chance to hang out and go shopping with my friend Sara on Saturday, and today I had coffee with my friend Kelly. Today finished with dinner with my parents at Casa G's and laundry.

There is a new technology network in DC launched by Justin Thorp. If you're in the DC area and interested in web and technology, I highly suggest checking out the DC Technology Network. The fine folks that brought us the super-fantastic BarCamp DC are involved, so I'm sure we'll see great stuff out of this group in the near future.

I've been playing with Tangerine! for creating new play lists for my iPod/iTunes library. Tangerine! Analyzies the beats per minute and intensity of the beat of music in your iTunes library and then based on a set of criteria you define, it'll create playlists for you. I've been enjoying the playlists that it created — something I never get around to doing myself.

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