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Monday, May 01, 2006

It's nice to have those on occassion. Okay, so it wasn't really uneventful, it was just low-key compared to what May has in store for us.

Saturday I did some work on a website and we went shopping for my birthday bbq. Nothing too exciting just some hamburgers, chicken, and beer from Costco. I asked Chris if it was bad luck to have a 30th birthday party before I actually turn 30. Maybe my 30th year will be a bad one or what if I don't even make it to 30? Nothing like being superstitious.

Well, the bbq is this weekend and I won't actually turn 30 until Tuesday. Hopefully I'll still have a good 30th year. This was the only weekend this month though that there was time for a celebration. And for once we're not celebrating my birthday the same weekend as Mother's Day! Not that that's really a bad thing, but last year, we never did get around to my birthday dinner. Oh well.

Sunday morning I had a private agility lesson with Cisco and Berkley. I'm really liking private lessons, you get so much more feedback that is specific to you and your dog(s). Cisco, Berkley and I were run ragged. They took naps when we got home. I watched the LOST recap (now I at least have some idea what the show is about) and then Chris and I went out to West Virginia to see my parents' new house.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

This weekend is the Super Pet Expo and in what has become tradidition, Cisco, Berkley and I will help out our friends at The Animals' House will the agility demos. Well my friend Kathy who usually runs the demos had an unexpected dealth in the family and has left town leaving the demos to Cameron, Paul and I. Fortunatley she left us with a detailed schedule and instructions so hopefully things will be smooth sailing.

I'm thinking about Kathy and her family.

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