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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Cable Car

My dad seems to be dropping hints that I'm behind in my blogging. Guess I should do something about that.

I'm out in San Francisco attending the Web 2.0 Expo for work. Over all the conference has been disappointing, but the experience has been great. More about the disappointment in a later post.

My quick summary so far:

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

My new job is keeping me quite busy. Besides having meetings everyday (this is new to me, I didn't have many meetings at my last few jobs), there is a ton to learn about the product I'm going to be supporting.

Somehow many years ago I stumbled into web development teaching myself various technologies as needed. There were certain aspects I enjoyed more than others, and as my career progressed I seemed to get further and further away from them.

I'm finally getting back to what I enjoy (along with learning new things) and things have changed and so have the philosophies. Some changes I've kept up with -- long gone are the days of web layouts done with HTML tables, now it's all about CSS positioning. Others, I've got some catching up to do -- I can think of two projects from 6 years ago that would have been so much easier if dojo was around.

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