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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've been working a lot lately.

I'm still at work now. I'm waiting for someone to send me files so I can upload them so they can be tested. While I wait, I decided to update my not quite forgotten blog.

New Lens!

I got a new lens! One of the two I want before our next vacation. It's a great portrait lens and it does pretty well in low light too. I had a chance to play with it at my cousin Mark's wedding this past weekend. Mark and Kim got married out side of Columbus, Ohio this weekend. Chris and I drove up with my parents on Friday and back on Sunday. We hit a bit of snow, but fortunately, not a lot of bad weather.

I'll post some pics later. The files I was waiting on just came in and I want to go home!

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Friday, February 10, 2006

It only took about two years to get to this point. I guess we finally arrived at a point where my desires to succeed outweigh my fears of failure. What am I talking about you ask? Ekota Design. This week I have met with an accountant (who put me at ease about the financial aspect of this), gotten my Federal Tax ID, and now opened a bank account.

My next two steps involve contracts and a website for myself.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So I'm leaving my house this morning, feeling like I've forgotten something. Cisco's giving me this look like "what do you mean you're leaving me." (Which probably means he'll tear something up today.) I'm cruising along to work (my 55 minute drive took me all of 20 minutes today -- thank you to everyone who took today off), called the vet to get some tick preventative (we've pulled 3 ticks off of Berkley in the last couple of weeks), so over all it was a very productive morning.

I get to work, and I'm getting everything out of the car and oh look, I forgot my purse! So I have

DOH! We're off to a great start.

Of course I had to call Chris who after a good laugh agreed to take me out for lunch.

And in other randomness for this morning...

Happy Day before Thanksgiving!

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