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Saturday, October 28, 2006
Loudoun County Parkway

I can't believe how fast this week went! I found myself on the treadmill tonight thinking about what I was going to be working on tomorrow. Then I realized, tomorrow was Saturday and I wasn't going to work and I was almost disappointed.

The photo to the left was taken one day on my way home from work. They way the rays were shining down from the clouds was so pretty.

The House They Grew Up In

We've been working diligently on painting the board for the teeter all this week. It's gotten a coat a night and should be ready for use by Monday.

The picture to the right is my dad and my aunt in front of the house they grew up in. It was taken in Maysville, OK last week when we were out there for my grandmother's funeral.

Sorry for the randomness. Yup, that's pretty much my week.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What a couple of weeks we've had....

I've blogged about my computer issues. Did I tell you about the washing machine? Well, it's broke, they were supposed to come last Wednesday, but I had mistyped the number and They didn't come so Chris rescheduled them to come this Monday. Oh and lets not forget about the day the wires were down across 15, we had no power for 6 hours and it took Chris 1.5 hours to get home.

Now starting on Friday, I come downstairs, walk through the kitchen and walk through a puddle. The puddle is coming from the freezer. I open it and everything has a thick layer of ice on it. I get home from work on Friday, and I have a sick husband and no internet. Sick husband fixes internet for 2 hours until the next storm comes through. Poor sick husband.

Saturday, husband spends the day recovering, while I sit there wondering if I'm getting sick. I think it was the lack of sleep the night before 'cause I do eventually start feeling better, but I didn't make it out to mom's to do some laundry before I had stuff to do. I clean out the freezer and dry everything off before putting it back or throwing it out. Most things survived, the ice cream products did not.

Sunday started out ok (oh have I mentioned, we STILL don't have internet at this point?). After my Sunday plans got canceled, Chris fixed my bike and then we decided that it was time to hang pictures (hey we've only been here a year). Before that we decide we need to hose off the mat under Berkley's house. In the process of turning on the hose, Chris managed to do something to his ankle. So no pictures get hung, he's now out of commission.

So today was the day that the washing machine was supposed to get fixed and our tree was to be installed. I was supposed to work from home, but guess what? No internet. I call mom and dad to come over to be here for the tree and the washing machine and to possibly take my husband to the doctor while I go to work. I get to work. Husband calls, they can only see him early and mom and dad aren't there yet. I go home to get husband and mom and dad come watch the house and wait for people to show up.

Get back from the doctor (yay nothing is broken), and we call the washing machine repair people. Oh we're not scheduled until NEXT Monday?1?!?! What???? I don't even know how my husband managed to get Monday's messed up or what happened. We're not going to be here next Monday and there is now way we have enough clothes until then. My parents leave taking all our dirty clothes with them (gotta love my parents, but I feel so bad for having them do that). The tree people came, yay we have a new tree! And just now we finally have internet again.

And that's not the end of it

Last night I managed to burn my wrist cooking dinner AND I hurt my knee. So today Chris and I are both hobbling around.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

This hasn't been a good week for pets in my family. My cousin Sue and her husband Mike lost Fuzz Ball yesterday.

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