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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mom and dad have left Oklahoma. This is what they write:

We're in Nashville - on our way home (finally!!!!) Was able to use the wireless set up provided by Chris tonight - but couldn't locate any wireless networks in Oklahoma!!! Mom will give you a call on Sunday - we'll probably be home late tomorrow.

8 days until the due date for the 2006 Stracensky Family Calendar. Please remind any family members who may have not checked this blog lately (or ever).

And I'm up early waiting for the guys to come back and touch up the stain on the door. It's raining today, so I don't think they're going to get both the stain and the poly done today and I think it'll probably take all day for the stain to dry again. Ugh. Also LoJack is coming out to verify something with my car. They'll be here between 8 and 12. Cisco and I are heading out to help Kathy with an agility demo. Actually I might bring Berkley too, he could use the practice and she might need a dog to help administer the CGC test. Even though they've both passed, Berkley is definitely the better demo dog.

Happy wet and rainy Saturday! Oh and I turned the comments back to letting anyone comment. Hopefully I won't get too much spam, we'll see what happens.

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