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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last year I ordered a book from Blurb and reviewed it here. I decided I'd do another book for 2008. This time I worked on it throughout the year.

The 2008 book is a compilation of all the pictures that Chris and I took, plus blog posts, and posts from tumblr. I got a little more adventurous and did some of the layouts myself instead of using the layouts provided by blurb. In most cases though, I still used Blurb's layouts.

I chose a 7x7 book because I like square things. I picked an Image-wrapped hardcover book -- an option that wasn't available last year, and upgraded to premium paper (another option that wasn't available last year). The cost of my 154 page book was $47.95. I uploaded the book on January 11th to the Blurb website and was given an estimated ship date of January 19th. On January 20th, I got an email apologizing for the delay in shipment due to some issues putting the book together and a code for $10 off a future order. My book shipped the 22nd and I had it the 23rd (I only paid for standard shipping).


I was stumped on a cover when I saw Lee's poster. Using a piece of software called Posterino, I made the cover (not quite as nice as Lee's).


The paper upgrade was well worth it. The pages are thicker and the paper as a bit more of a satiny texture. The only main complaint I have about the book is the bleeds did not go all the way into the spine of the book leaveing a bit of white showing in the middle of photos that spread across pages or pages with non-white backgrounds (as seen in the images below).


Overall, I'm very happy with the book and am planning on ordering another one next year. I really like the size of the 7x7 book. I think the price is very reasonable and until I have time to scrapbook again, this is a really good alternative. The photos are of decent quality -- even the ones taken with my iPhone.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Usually I just don't write anything and don't tell anyone. This time I'm letting everyone know. Don't expect any writing from me on here for a month or two.

Why? Well I mentioned before I really want to change blogging software and haven't gotten around to it. Now I'm sick of dealing with all the comment spam I've been getting. So I'm turning off comments (I'll try to leave them on on this post) and changing software and doing a mini-facelift. Please come back and see me in a month or so.

In the meantime, you can keep up with what I'm doing by following me on twitter, looking at my pictures on flickr, or follow everything in one place using SocialThing! (which AOL just acquired). Or you could always e-mail me -- I might even write back.

Oh and today is my dad's birthday. Happy 70th Birthday Dad!

All Smiles
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Friday, January 11, 2008

This is great news. I was having a conversation related to this the other week with my dad. He's refusing to sign up for yet another account with another service just to comment on blogs. He's not the only one getting sick of signing up for accounts for everything.

OpenID is a portable username and password you can use across multiple sites. If you have an account on AOL/AIM account, livejournal account, or a variety of other services, you have an OpenID. What that means is you can use this to log onto other sites. More and more sites are implementing OpenID which is great for those of us sick of registering for so many usernames and passwords for so many different sites.

On the Blogger Blog they have a post describing how to enable OpenID Commenting and how to post comments so I'm not going to repeat that here. But this is my personal plea to everyone I know using blogger for their blog (that's a lot of you), please, please, please go and update your setting and change who can comment on your blog to "Registered Users - includes OpenID."

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm changing blogging platforms again. I'm now running the beta version of Movable Type 4.

I found a lot of good documentation online for installing Movable Type on Dreamhost. In particular, I used:

Since I've now installed the beta for Movable Type 4 twice, I've used both these posts and was able to install the software effortlessly.

The next part was trying to get all of my old blog entries moved from the old WordPress Blog to the new Movable Type Instance. This was a bit trickier. There are ton of articles on how to go from Movable Type to WordPress, but not so many going the other direction.

I found an entry on Code Monkey Ramblings on Moving from WordPress to Movable Type part I which worked flawlessly. Fortunately I didn't need the recovery instructions.

To expand on how to get the old entries into the new MT4 installation, here is what I did:

  1. I followed the Code Monkey Ramblings instructions down through putting the save file into the import directory.
  2. I selected Tools from the footer navigation in the movable type control panel.
  3. I then clicked on the Import link from the left column.
  4. Under importing from, I selected Another System (Movable Type Format).
  5. I left all other options alone and clicked Import Entries.
  6. The importer worked it's magic and everything was imported sucessfully.

The one issue I ran into was that the archives were not working properly (the pages did not exist when clicked on). I solved that by republishing all the entries even though the system said they had been published. Under Manage -> Entries You can publish entries 20 at a time.

The entire process took me maybe an hour.

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