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Friday, June 16, 2006

Not a lot of updates recently. My excuse is that I haven't had anything to take pictures of lately and I prefer picture posts to written posts. This might have something to do that my writing skills come no where close to those of the fabulous MzMannerz or DC Sport Chick.

We did a bit of landscaping last weekend. I guess I could take pictures of that. We still need to mulch this weekend, so maybe I'll take pictures after that.

Chris is planning on renting a ladder and handing the new chandilier in our entry way. It's only been sitting on the floor for 4 or 5 months.

Lots of my free time has been taken up by the 12 week challenge. Especially this week. Berkley hasn't been sleeping well so in turn I haven't been sleeping well and I haven't been getting up in time to exercise in the morning, so I've been having to do it after work.

The exercising after work is going to have to change here soon 'cause I have quite a few possible side things about to happen. That's exciting, but I'm going to be short on time in the all come through.

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