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Sunday, August 06, 2006

I think we might have done the same thing yesterday. Cisco begs to go swimming. We spend an hour throwing the flying squirrel. We come back. Cisco dries off. Cisco begs to go swimming. We spend an hour throwing a flying squirrel.

Only differece, we went swimming today too.

IMG_0958.JPG IMG_0963.JPG IMG_0962.JPG IMG_0995.JPG IMG_1058.JPG Shake!
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Friday, August 04, 2006

The sun came out and Cisco got to go swimming. Berkley gets very close to the end of the dock. One of these days he may end up going in. It would be so nice if he would figure out swimming isn't all that bad. Until then, one goes in and one wait on the dock for the other to bring it back.

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When we arrived on Wednesday it was HOT. It was in the 90s and the no AC had us spending a lot of time in the water. Yesterday it was considerably cooler (we're talking 70) and Cisco was the only one to go swimming. Today, it's raining and Cisco is the one complaining the loudest about getting wet. Oh the irony. We may go somewhere today, maybe up to Auburn and to Freeport. We'll see when Chris gets up. It's supposed to rain all day. Hopefully this will be the last rainy day.

I posted just a few photos to flickr yesterday (they can be seen in the thumbnails to the right). And here's some video from yesterday. (At least I'm gonna try and post it.) Cisco is going, going, gone:

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Oh, the video was taken with my new camera. A couple of people have asked me about it. It's the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T30. It's the first non-Canon I've had since the Apple Quicktake 150 and I'm totally loving the size. I haven't taken all that many pictures with it yet, so the verdict is still out, but so far, so good.

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