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Friday, July 21, 2006

Since this past Friday we've been taking care of our friends' two dogs. That's right, we've got FOUR dogs running around.

Within the first few minutes Chris was like four dogs is WAY too many. All four were running around trying to check each other out. Since then things have calmed down considerably. It takes a little longer to feed four and to take four out and make sure four have done their business, but for the most part all four just lay around.


Chris laughs at me as I call "ciscoberkleyhunterjade" when it's time to go out, or get fed, or go to bed. Cisco and Jade are our barkers. They bark at just about everything, sometimes the other two start, but not always. Hunter is the whiner of the bunch, he whines. A lot. According to Chris he whines a lot more when I'm not around. Last night when I took Cisco to agility, Chris said Hunter whined a lot.


Berkley, Hunter, and Jade are all part of the Crate Brigade and crated in our living room. Cisco has free run of the house, but usually that involves getting him out of someone's house to put them in. I think Cisco would love a crate of his own. I tell him when I leave for work to keep them all in line.

We have Hunter and Jade through July 30th. Then we'll be back down to two.

BTW, these pictures were taken with my new camera. Not bad, huh?

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

They were back on Friday with our new door to stain it. Well Friday ended up having a lot of moisture in the air and the stain never dried. We ended up Friday night with a single screw being the only thing to keep the front door from opening. As the stain started to dry, we noticed a bunch of areas that are going to need to be touched up. So hopefully in one one day we can get the stain touched up, the door poly-ed, and all the walls and trim touched up too. But the color is a lot closer to the original color.

They also had to replace the hardware as the previous painters managed to sand off the finish. Well, we had already replaced the hardware with a better set than what the builder installed. Fortunately, they ended up replacing it with the better quality stuff than what the house came with. (The builder is billing the painters.)

Friday Cisco's official NA certificate came in the mail. And his pictures are finally online. I haven't decided what, if anything I'm going to get. You can find them on Karen Hocker's Website. Go to this page and scroll down to the bottom, the one's that say Cisco are him.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yesterday I stayed home for the plumber to come and install a gas line out to the grill, california closets to come and install my new closet and for the builder to come and do warrenty repairs. The builder moved and in the process never scheduled the subcontractors to come out to do the work. So now Chris has to take off Friday to get the rest of the work taken care of. The gas line is installed. The plumber is scheduling the inspection for Friday too. And my closet looks great. (Before and After pictures coming once everything gets put back in.)

Saturday we patched the walls in my closet from the old stuff and painted the walls coffee in preparation for yesterday. Here is my totally empty closet:

So here are some of the things I learned on my day off: * Some people are very afraid of big dogs * We have no place on our main level to coral a puppy hmmm * We need to vaccuum out beneath the fire place (where the pilot light is lit) on occasion. Dog hair likes to collect there and there was a pretty serious fire around here that started with the hair in there. * I can be a lot more productive working from home * Keeping two dogs in your office with you all day is not a lot of fun. * Reheat fajita components separately, then combine.

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