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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Cisco's OA

This weekend Cisco, Berkley and spent at the Blue Ridge Dog Training Club's Agility trial. Cisco qualified in Jumpers on Friday getting his first leg towards his MXJ title and his first three MACH points. Saturday he Q'd in Open Standard finally getting that third leg and getting his OA title. Sunday his very first Excellent Standard run was met with the first time we've seen the zoomies in about 3 years and blowing all of our contacts. Sunday afternoon jumpers was a bit better, but we missed our weave poles and took a off-course jump. But I'm not complaining.

This weekend marked a few significant events for Cisco. As mentioned above there was a bit of zoomies taking place that hasn't been seen in years. He had six runs in three days and not one of them would I describe as pokey -- for the last year or so typically at least one run a day could be described as pokey. I also had a bunch of people come up to me and tell me how good he looked. All of this on the heels of a week that he practically drove us nuts nightly with his wanting to play with toys or be outside.

I think he's feeling better. And we didn't even know he wasn't feeling well. I really thought that my 6½ year old retriever was finally starting to slow down. Apparently not.

We kind of came to the conclusion this past April that maybe he was allergic to something in the food he had been on since September (he had been having hot spot after hot spot -- which even for my allergic dog was not that common). We switched his food and went to the vet where we got medicine to treat the ear infections. A month later, the ears still looked bad and the doses were upped on the medication for the ears. A month after that the ears still looked bad. At this point I decided to call the allergist and see if we could go see him again or we needed another referral from the vet. So off we went to the allergist who put us on different medication and had us restrict his diet (including treats -- no rawhides or even chicken flavored nylabones (the dogs are really missing those I think)). A month later the ears are looking tons better (not quite perfect yet) and we have a different dog.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

From back in September. (click on the pictures for larger views)

Going Up Up and Over ...and exhale
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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cisco got his Open Jumpers with Weaves title today!

He had a great run today in jumpers and an almost flawless run yesterday in jumpers.

We're still plagued by teeter issues in standard. Yesterdays run was flawless with the exception of the teeter. Today, the teeter was the second obstacle and threw everything off. We won't be entering any more standard classes until we get this teeter issue taken care of. In order to facilitate this, we're putting a teeter down in the basement. Cisco will be eating every meal on the teeter. Wish him luck.

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Monday, October 02, 2006
2nd Open Leg!!

Cisco got his second Open JWW Leg this weekend at the Greater Fredricksburg Kennel Club's agility trial. Cisco had a clean run well under course time.

Berkley also came with us to this trial and had a great Standard run knocking only one bar. His jumpers run, we knocked a few more bars. But it wasn't bad.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006
August 19 & 20, 2006 Ribbons

Cisco had a busy weekend. He ran 8 agility courses and received 6 ribbons. He could have had one more, but he was too slow. A couple of times he placed but did qualify, it was again because he was too slow, or he ran around like a wild man and wasted too much time. The good news is every time he went wild, he did come back to me when called eventually and much quicker than he used to. He's getting better. Now we just need to speed up the weave poles, and sometimes the dog walk. We may get out of Starters yet.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

One weekend, 6 agility runs, 1 ribbon.

Saturday morning started with Cisco's open jumpers run at the PVGRC's Agility Trial in Westminster, MD. Cisco was pokey going through the weave polls but ran clean at .05 seconds over course time. They round it down, so we ended up with a clean run and second place ribbon.

Next came Berkley's novice preferred jumpers run. My little speed demon ran beautifully knocking down two bars towards the end of the run. People said they could see him tiring. Not bad for a bulky dog. He ran the course in 10 seconds under course time and was the fastest in his class.

Saturday afternoon's first run was Cisco's open standard run. There's not a whole lot to write about it. Three obstacles and he lost focus. The judge whistled us off before he had left the ring. I could have gotten him back. Really.

The last runs of the day were the novice runs. It had also started raining (and thundering and lightening) and a lot of competitors were pulling their dogs because of fear issues. Good thing the trial was inside. Berkley again had a great run only knocking one bar off the double and missing the entrance to a tunnel (but that was totally my fault).

Chris parents came on Saturday. They ended up staying the whole day -- something Chris has never done. They seemed to enjoy themselves. I hope they did. It was really nice of them to come and watch.

Sunday only Cisco was going since Berkley is usually tired by the second day. Sunday morning started out with Cisco and I in a battle of whether or not he was going to go potty before we left. I think I lost. Because of this, we were about 20 minutes late leaving. We got their just in time to walk the course of couple of time and play 5 minutes of fetch to try and get some energy out before his open jumpers run. I don't know if it was too much energy or that he really had to go to the bathroom, but he was unfocused, he went around a few jumps before he went over them. It was a slow run (so slow we were over max course time), but we crossed the finish line. And after Saturday afternoon's performace that was something.

It was a LONG wait between our 8:40 jumpers run and when we got to walk the standard course around 2:30. Our only goal going into standard was to cross the finish line -- a big improvement over the day before. Well other than going to visit the scribe and timer and me screwing up the approach to the tire it was a good run. We crossed the finish line! ne of my instructors was there and saw the run. She said it was a good run.

We may not having gotten a lot of ribbons this weekend, but overall it was a good weekend and I'm happy with our performance.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How cute is he? Cooling off after a run on Saturday.

The action shots are from Kerry and Russll of K & R Photography

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cisco and I spent Saturday and Sunday at TAG's USDAA Agility Trial. Cisco qualified but did not place in pairs coming home with his third pairs leg. He also qualified in Snooker for his first leg coming in 3rd.

These successful runs were Saturday afternoon. We had two wild runs Saturday morning, and three some what wild runs today. We would have qualified in jumpers today, but since Cisco insisted on running around a few jumps before going over them, we were a few seconds over time. Oh well, next time.

Kerry and Russell of K & R Photography took pictures of today's runs. Hopefully they got some good shots.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

And we're missing out. It's that time of year where the weekly chatter in class turns into are you going to X trial this weekend. Were you at Y trial last weekend. And our answer is no.

Why? Well it's called having a very enthusiastic golden that thinks agility is so much fun that we're going to continue to run around the ring like a wild man a few times before focusing. Actually we're starting to see some improvements, so I'm planning on entering Cisco in a trial in May, and both of them in a trial in June. Berkley doesn't do USDAA trials because he would have to jump basically as high as his shoulders and for a big boned breed, I'd rather he didn't. Depending on how those trials go, we'll go from there.

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Here are some of the pictures from last weekend. Click on the link and then use the next arrow to scroll through them:

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Berkley got his first Novice Standard Preferred Leg today! This weekends trial was in Leesburg and they're never that close to home so I figured it would good experience for him to get used to being in his crate and yes, he still did have to stay in his crate and behave when I came to get Cisco (we had major issues with this the first time I took them both to a trial). And if he was a giant pain, it was close enough I could take him home. Well, he did great! He dropped a bar and had weave issues in Jumpers, but did beautifully in Standard. Not only was it his first leg, but it was a clean run and he got first. Whoo Hoo!

Now Cisco, is another story. We had moments of brilliance and then we'd spaz out. Oh well tomorrow is another day...

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

They were back on Friday with our new door to stain it. Well Friday ended up having a lot of moisture in the air and the stain never dried. We ended up Friday night with a single screw being the only thing to keep the front door from opening. As the stain started to dry, we noticed a bunch of areas that are going to need to be touched up. So hopefully in one one day we can get the stain touched up, the door poly-ed, and all the walls and trim touched up too. But the color is a lot closer to the original color.

They also had to replace the hardware as the previous painters managed to sand off the finish. Well, we had already replaced the hardware with a better set than what the builder installed. Fortunately, they ended up replacing it with the better quality stuff than what the house came with. (The builder is billing the painters.)

Friday Cisco's official NA certificate came in the mail. And his pictures are finally online. I haven't decided what, if anything I'm going to get. You can find them on Karen Hocker's Website. Go to this page and scroll down to the bottom, the one's that say Cisco are him.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I've been looking multiple times a day at Karen Hocker's website hoping that the photos for the Golden Retriever National Speciality Agility Trial have been posted.

I'm really hoping that she managed to get a good picture of Cisco. We have such great pictures of Berkley Tien Tran from the Bernese Mountain Dog National Speciality Agility Trial that we'd love to have something close of Cisco. I'm still debating about getting the Superman Cisco picture from Stewart Event Images.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cisco and I spent Saturday at the Mid-Atlantic MADness USDAA trial with Kathy and Clint. He was somewhat of a wild child all day, missing contacts, running a little crazy. But we did manage to get a 4th place ribbon in the Standard Course (we missed qualifying by blowing the contacts) and a Qualifying ribbon in Starters Pairs (yay our first Q in USDAA).

We spent Sunday and Monday at the Golden Retriever National Speciality Agility Trial. Sunday started with a beautiful Jumpers run (as I was told by many people), only for me to send him into the wrong end of the tunnel! I sent him, and as I soon as I did, I questioned it, looked at the numbers, and knew I had just blown his first open jww leg! Doh!

Well, that set the theme for the weekend. He blew his dog walk contact and took a jump out of order in standard Sunday afternoon. Monday I'm not sure what happened on our jumpers run, but it was bad. And our Standard run Monday afternoon including popping out at pole 10 and blowing the a-frame contact. Other than that, it was a good run. These were our first Open level standard runs and overall I was pretty impressed with our performance.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Well Cisco finally got his Novice Agility title. It only took a year after we got the first leg to get the other two. A year that was full of teeter problems. No clue why, but he just started doing it again.

He had two perfect runs. They were beautiful. Both were around 47.5 seconds with course times of 74 sec. No faults on either course. It was great! We came home with two first places and two new toys. Now our open jumpers runs were something else. Yesterday he started off all pokey (it was the first run of the weekend), but then it's like he realized what he was doing and took off. I wasn't prepared for that. Todays' jumpers run we were stuck at the starting line while the fixed some problems with the timing equipment. By the time they were ready for us to run. He was a little on the wild side. Oh well we'll blame the delay for his wild run. I had quite a few people come up and tell me not to do anything to squash that drive. He may be a little on the wild side, but he sure does have a lot of fun out there. He's now: GS Dakotas Secret Mission NA, NAJ, CGC

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