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Thursday, March 30, 2006

This weekend is the Super Pet Expo and in what has become tradidition, Cisco, Berkley and I will help out our friends at The Animals' House will the agility demos. Well my friend Kathy who usually runs the demos had an unexpected dealth in the family and has left town leaving the demos to Cameron, Paul and I. Fortunatley she left us with a detailed schedule and instructions so hopefully things will be smooth sailing.

I'm thinking about Kathy and her family.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Mason in the Final Four.

Unbelievable. I usually don't pay much attention to college basketball but with all the hype around GMU (I'm a 2000 graduate) and some of the first and second rounds being played in the UD Arena I've taken an interest this year. (I played in the Pep Band for the UD Flyers for the two years I attened UD.)

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Guess 'cause there is nothing exciting going on. Let's see last week was spent working. Cisco and Berkley started up with agility classes again. Took brochures to the printer to be printed. Picked up brochures from the printer. Mom and Dad were nice enough to take them to Kerry who will be handing them out at the Frederick Bridal Show today. I have a few projects in the works, so I've been keeping somewhat busy outside of work.

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Friday, December 09, 2005
but not enough to get a late opening

The anticipation of the storm was once again greater than the actual storm. No day off for me. Not even a late opening. The worst part of the morning commute was cleaning off the car and then sun. Then refection of the sun off the wet roadways was quite blinding this morning. Betwen the sun and the sand and such being kicked up by the cars around me, visibility was not all that great. I probably went through half a tank of windshield wiper fluid trying to keep my windows clean.

I get to work and my account is locked out. Why? I dunno. The administrator had been on my computer last night. And some software had been uninstalled. grrrr. I've never worked at a place and had people get on my computer and do stuff without telling me what they were doing. The CEO was locked out too and kept asking me if I had gotten a hold of anyone. I finally did get a hold of the sys admin and he walked me through unlocking our computers. Ugh hmmm

On a completely un-related note. This page looks awful in some browsers. I appologize to those of you using IE. Especially since I added the Thanksgiving pictures, which put the side bar at the bottom after all the posts. I'll have to fix that. Probably next year, I have too much stuff to do before our cruise!

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