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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tomorrow is the first International Day of Awesomeness where everyone can be awesome.

I've been asking people all last week what they're going to be doing to be awesome, but haven't had an answer in return. I've finally decided what I'm going to do. First, I'm going to write those e-mails I've been meaning to to catch up with people I haven't spoken to in ages. Because it's awesome to to catch up with old friends. The second thing I'm going to do is make donations to the two people I know that are raising money for a good 'cause.

So what is your feat of awesome going to be?

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

We now have three brackets from Restoration Hardware. We were charged a different price for each of these three brackets. Long story short, we should be getting credit for one bracket which we don't need/didn't order and shipping refunded on the other completing the set we needed.

In the process of all of this I logged into my Citibank Credit Card account to see if we had been refunded the shipping we were told we were being refunded last week. (We hadn't been.) However, I was greeted with a nice red, bold message "A review of this account has shown recent high- risk activity. Please contact our Customer Service Unit ..."

Uh Oh, that can't be good. Now every time we buy a computer, we get home and there is a message on the answering machine from Discover wanting to verify we made the purchase. Yes, slightly annoying, but we don't use our Discover Card that much and a computer is a fairly large purchase so I'm willing to deal with that. I'm curious about my high-risk activity message, but thinking it can't be that serious since they didn't call. I decide to search the web for my message before calling, and find a couple of blog posts which lead me to believe, it's nothing major. I call Citibank. The high-risk activity was apparently two $22.00 charges from Dave & Busters last night. Awesome.

We had met up with Patrick and his wife Marsha last night. Chris (and I) had worked with Patrick back at ORBCOMM and hadn't seen them since our wedding and who knows when before that. It was nice having the opportunity to catch up. Hopefully it won't be another three years before we see them again.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Summer is over. It's back to snarrled traffic tomorrow. But yay for a short week. We had a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend. This weekend and last have been pretty low key, which has been nice after the craziness of most of August. I got a chance to hang out and go shopping with my friend Sara on Saturday, and today I had coffee with my friend Kelly. Today finished with dinner with my parents at Casa G's and laundry.

There is a new technology network in DC launched by Justin Thorp. If you're in the DC area and interested in web and technology, I highly suggest checking out the DC Technology Network. The fine folks that brought us the super-fantastic BarCamp DC are involved, so I'm sure we'll see great stuff out of this group in the near future.

I've been playing with Tangerine! for creating new play lists for my iPod/iTunes library. Tangerine! Analyzies the beats per minute and intensity of the beat of music in your iTunes library and then based on a set of criteria you define, it'll create playlists for you. I've been enjoying the playlists that it created — something I never get around to doing myself.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I finally ordered Moo Cards. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all of them, but they were too cool not to get. I'll probably stash some in my agility bag and a few other places to give out when people ask for my contact info. It's happened a few times at trials where we've had either a pen and no paper or paper and no pen.


The Moo people are now doing sticker books. Now I need to come up with some cool ideas for stickers and get some of them too.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cisco has a paper fetish. It seems to have gotten worse since we got back from Maine. We seem to come home more times than not to him having chewed on some piece of paper. Just as we think we've thought of everything he'd go for and taken care of it, he finds something new.

His latest has been the wrapping of rolls of quarters. My mom had left a few rolls of quarters on the floor behind the door in the guest room. This requires him to go into the guest room, move the door some to get to a roll, pick it up, and in most cases carry it to the top of the stairs where he proceeds to eat the wrapper. The quarters are all there (we've counted every time), but there is no sign of the wrapper. (Mom, we've got 3 or 4 rolls of quarters no longer wrapped for you.) Then there was this one day, his plan didn't work so well and he managed to get himself trapped in the guest room. He didn't eat any wrappers that day even though he had plenty of opportunity.

Last night's attempt at paper was truly amazing. He managed to eat the cardboard tube out of a roll of electrical tape. The tape roll is mostly intact (a few teeth marks), but there is just a hint of cardboard left on the inside.

This weekend's mission: set up booby-traps of bad tasting paper to squash this habit.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006
Remembering 9/11 Originally uploaded by ekota.

As I was heading into the city today, I started noticing the flags on the overpasses on 66.

It reminded me of the sense of patriotism that we saw 5 years ago, where flags seems to appear on bridges and overpasses through out the area.

Even 5 years later, it's still hard to think about what happened. Hearing the stories of what the survivors are going through is saddening. My thoughts and prayers and with them and their families.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wow, no updates in over a week!

Nothing exciting going on here. Just work, work and more work.

Cisco has decided since we've gotten back from Maine, he doesn't like to be left more than once a day. He's great when we go to work. If we leave him in the evening, he finds something to tear up. It's not like he goes crazy, but just has to do something to let you know he's not happy. This has been every time we've gone out in the evening since we got back from Maine. I'm not even sure what to do about it.

Off to work...

Oh the pictures you're seeing the the Flickr stream are from our cruise last December. I finally put them up. They still need captions, titles, and I think Flickr even mixed pictures from different days when uploading. Next time I'll upload each day individually.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

KermitFan80 has this in her blog and well, since I had nothing to blog, it seemed worth repeating here. Yeah everyone has probably seen it before, but yup, it's still true.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Where x = 2

We flew in to Dulles from Cleveland last night. Went to my cousin Scott's wedding on Friday.

Flight time: 45 minutes

Time spent waiting at baggage carousel number 1: 1 hour, 30 minutes.

I asked they said it takes 45 minutes to an hour to get the luggage. Well, we watched numerous flights come up, wait a maximum of 10 minutes, grab their bags and go. I even went and stood in the lost luggage line just to find out. All they could tell me was it had gotten on the plane. She even started to fill out a lost luggage claim for me. It wasn't just us from our flight. There were others too.

Next time we'll probably drive to Cleveland. We arrived at the airport at 5:15ish, we got home at 10:45ish. 5.5 hours. Time to drive: 6 hours. I think Chris is finally convinced driving to Cleveland isn't that bad...

Pictures from the wedding coming later.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

...using the treadmill for a little while.

I never thought I'd be bummed about being told not to exercise.

Back in April 2005, I tore/ripped/twisted did something to my left calf muscle. Shortly after that was healed, my left Achilles started to be really stiff in the morning. As I walked around though it started to feel better. A month or two later, my right one started in. I was really stiff in the mornings and after sitting for long periods of time.

I've been putting up with this for over a year. I just figured I was getting old and out of shape and after walking around it felt better. Well with my increased use of the treadmill, the left one has started to become more and more painful. It would tighten up while on the treadmill and it was getting more painful.

I decided to go to the doctor's about it, but even as I was sitting there, I was thinking how ridiculous this was for me to be complaining about a little pain. The real reason I went was because I'm terrified of experiencing the kind of pain I experience when I injured my calf again.

The good news is I'm not going to tear or break anything. The bad news is both of my achilles tendons are very tight and inflamed. The other bad news is I have to stick to low impact exercise the next few weeks -- swimming (still have to figure out how to get pool passes), yoga, and strength training I can do. But I need to stay off the treadmill. Maybe I'll try biking. But al of that requires being outside and this morning, you were out for two minutes and covered in sweat. Yuck!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
  1. I hate my job. Which is not surprising. I haven't liked a lot of the jobs I've had. The ones I have liked have all had some event happen that forced me to leave or start looking. My jobs have been like bad relationships. You know how people get into a cycle of one horrible, not good for them guy after another and can't see that these aren't the kind of people they should be around? That seems to be me with my jobs.
  2. I have this great idea. For a web portal site that could be quite useful. But I think if it was to ever be implemented, I'd need to write a business plan, get a business loan, work on it full time and hire people to work on it with me. That makes it quite overwhelming and it will probably never happen.
  3. I had so much fun taking pictures of John. I took about 160 pictures at Gold Cup. Probably about half of them were of John. Now I see why my friend Kerry loves taking photos of kids.
  4. I had a great birthday. My husband who's not supposed to get my any presents this year 'cause I got awesome earings on our cruise last December surprised me with flowers and a card, and a 1GB compact flash card for the camera that I mentioned I wanted and a new alarm clock (I've been looking on and off for like 5 years for something smaller and less complicated). I got some beautiful flowers from my inlaws and my friend Deb surprised me with three agility books, which was so thoughtful of her. My mom even managed to time the arriving of a card to actually get here on my birthday.
  5. Today is Kathy's birthday. So happy birthday Kathy!
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Monday, May 01, 2006

It's nice to have those on occassion. Okay, so it wasn't really uneventful, it was just low-key compared to what May has in store for us.

Saturday I did some work on a website and we went shopping for my birthday bbq. Nothing too exciting just some hamburgers, chicken, and beer from Costco. I asked Chris if it was bad luck to have a 30th birthday party before I actually turn 30. Maybe my 30th year will be a bad one or what if I don't even make it to 30? Nothing like being superstitious.

Well, the bbq is this weekend and I won't actually turn 30 until Tuesday. Hopefully I'll still have a good 30th year. This was the only weekend this month though that there was time for a celebration. And for once we're not celebrating my birthday the same weekend as Mother's Day! Not that that's really a bad thing, but last year, we never did get around to my birthday dinner. Oh well.

Sunday morning I had a private agility lesson with Cisco and Berkley. I'm really liking private lessons, you get so much more feedback that is specific to you and your dog(s). Cisco, Berkley and I were run ragged. They took naps when we got home. I watched the LOST recap (now I at least have some idea what the show is about) and then Chris and I went out to West Virginia to see my parents' new house.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Due to the unsual circumstance this morning (having to do with the vast quanity of food consumed by the dogs yesterday afternoon), I was a bit later than usual heading to work this morning (ok, so it was 90 minutes later than usual).

On top of running late, I get out to the car and realize I'm probably not going to make it to work with out filling up. I pull up to the pump shortly after this lady in a Buick Regal. She's getting out at the same time as me and proceeds to tell me how cute my car is.

Now I love my car, but cute? Ok maybe a little.

Six months later and I still can't remember I need to unlock the little door to the gas tank. So back around my car to unlock the door all the time thinking about the compliment I just got on my car. Back around to unscrew the cap and Buick Lady says it's almost like my car is diesal, it's got a soft purr to it. Awe. I actually really do love the sound of my car. At first I thought it was a bit loud, but it's grown on me and it's got a good sound to it.

By this time I'm checking out the kind of car Buick lady is driving 'cause she really doesn't look like she'd be into cars. I've finally started to get gas and I look up and see buick lady who is pulling out some cards and standing across from me. All I see in big gold letters is "The Book of Mormon" and it looks like she's going to talk to me again. Now may be a good time to put my credit card back in my wallet which is in my car.

While I'm putting my credit card back in my wallet Buick Lady finishes pumping. My pump shuts off and I go back around, put the nozzle away, screw on my gas cap, and get my receipt. As I'm starting to walk back around my car, Buick Lady who has been sitting partially in her car for a minute or so holding some cards or paper asks me if I'm interested in family history. I tell her no. And then I tell her to have a nice day.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

I really need to get an eraser that produces less crumbs.

When I do development, everything gets written out on paper ahead of time. Yeah, I know we all laughed and said yeah right when our CS professors used to make us write things out before starting to code. I was one of those people too. But now that I'm out in the real world, not only are my project plans hand written, but they're written in a narrative form.

That's what I'm doing now and my desk has an ever growing pile of eraser crumbs forming. The thing about the crumbs is they aren't all that easy to get rid of.

I'm also using the same brand mechanical pencil that I've used since high school. I think I may have had this particular pencil since high school. Gotta love the Zebra pencils.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

It's definately been a two post morning.

So I come downstairs to see the guy I'm supposed to call anytime after 6 sitting outside our house. (I had every intention of calling him first thing this morning, but with the hurry up and take me out trips, it slipped my mind.) I IM Chris to tell him that this guy is "stalking" me. Of course joking, but probably not the right words to use when Chris saw someone on our street being taken out to a police car in handcuffs this morning. I made sure Chris was ok with the repairs that had been made right as the guy rang our doorbell. Signed the papers and off to work.

So the guy that Chris saw in handcuffs 90 minutes or so prior to my departure... Well as I drove by the police were still present at the scene. And it looked like the crime scene was at work on a vehicle. I wonder what he did.

And on an entirely different note, why didn't anyone tell me there was a Coach outlet opening up at the Leesburg Outlets?!?!?

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